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Fitness First Germany boosts group attendance by 220% with Funxtion

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Fitness First Germany sees small group workout participation increase by 220% with the implementation of Funxtion’s MultiScreen Solution.


  • The MultiScreen Solution (MSS) integrates with Funxtion’s content Platform which houses a robust library of diverse digital fitness content and customisation tools, enabling Fitness First Germany (FFG) to personalise their small group workouts across their portfolio.
  • Fitness First Germany implemented a series of operational changes to leverage the full potential of Funxtion’s MSS technology, including the upskilling of their gym floor trainers.

Project Information

Fitness First is the leading national premium fitness provider in Germany, operating more than 50 gyms across the country. Fitness First Germany is a part of Life Fitness Group, which also owns brands such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Pure Barre, and In Shape. 

“We wanted to find a way to enhance the member experience and keep them engaged and inspired to continue to train with us, whilst also future-proofing our brand’s relevance in an increasingly digital world,” says Martin Seibold, CEO LifeFit Group, which owns Fitness First Germany.


  • FFG wanted to innovate their in-gym group workout experience.
  • They were in need of an independent digital provider that could deliver digital display, streaming technology and digital fitness content to support their vision.
  • They were uncertain if digital content support was what their members and trainers wanted or needed.


Fitness First Germany contacted the team at Funxtion after learning about the MultiScreen Solution. 

What is the Funxtion MultiScreen Solution?

Funxtion’s MSS is an in-gym member experience solution that enables gyms to stream digital workouts across multiple screens on the gym floor. The displays digitally demonstrate the workout, allowing in-person trainers to enhance the member experience by focusing more on individual mentoring and motivation. 

The MSS is connected to Funxtion’s content SaaS Platform, full of regularly updated white label digital fitness content, such as single exercise videos, virtual classes, workouts and training plans. It also includes customisation tools (Workout Creator and Training Planner) that empower gyms to customise their content at scale.

How did Fitness First Germany implement the Funxtion MSS?

FFG first piloted the MSS in two locations with resounding success, and it was decided that the solution would be rolled out across their entire FFG portfolio. Three MSS screens were implemented in each functional gym floor space together with small, yet impactful operational changes applied on the ground floor.

The FFG team conducted a series of group trainer workshops designed to educate and upskill their trainers with enhanced mentoring, motivational, and entertainment skills that would transform them into elite group coaches. 

To standardise and control the quality of service across multiple sites, FFG appointed Master Trainers who were tasked with overseeing the small group classes and in charge of regularly designing the digital circuit workouts.

“With the reduction of our workout times from 45 minutes to 30 minutes together with the Funxtion MSS, our coaches now spend less energy performing exercise demonstrations and are physically able to deliver more sessions during their shift. We’re now offering 5 or 6 classes per day instead of 2-3 and attracting 8 people per class rather than 5. The integration of Funxtion’s digital exercise demonstrations has enabled more meaningful, in-person interactions and it’s having a hugely positive influence on our members’ experience.”

“We were able to achieve this with the introduction of Funxtion’s MultiScreen Solution.”

Learn how Funxtion’s MultiScreen Solution and Virtual Player can help your trainers and elevate the member experience.