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Funxtion helps GoodLife Fitness Canada engage their members during Pandemic.

Funxtion helps GoodLife Fitness Canada connect and service their members at-home and on-the-go with branded member app, white label digital fitness content, and content customisation tools.


  • GoodLife leverages the Funxtion Platform and White Label Member App to deliver tailored digital fitness content to their customers during lockdown
  • Funxtion’s Platform houses a robust library of white label virtual classes and customisable workouts and training plans
  • Funxtion’s branded member app enables their members to stream content on-demand at-home and on-the-go.

Project information

Government imposed lockdowns to reduce the spread of Covid-19 forced GoodLife Canada to close their doors and find new ways to deliver their service and keep their members engaged. 

GoodLife Fitness is Canada’s largest fitness company with over 235 clubs and were in the process of developing their branded member app from Funxtion when the pandemic hit. They needed to connect with their members, provide their customers with appropriate alternatives to workout with their brand outside the four walls of their facility – and they needed to do it quickly.  

“We want to have a flexible solution, embedding digital channels in everything we do in order to communicate a clear and consistent message, improve business efficiency and ultimately improve member experience,” – Sander van der Born, CTMO


  • GoodLife Canada could no longer provide their members with their services on a mass scale.
  • Funxtion and GoodLife Canada were in the process of developing their customised member app when the pandemic hit, significantly impacting their time to market.
  • Funxtion needed to quickly fast track the completion of the GoodLife Member App. 
  • More brands started to provide digital fitness content online, suddenly increasing competition within the market.


Funxtion delivered on GoodLife Fitness Canada’s demands and was able to quickly supply them with an app that provided flexibility, improved productivity, and enhanced their member experience. 

Funxtion’s White Label Member App is connected to the Funxtion Platform that includes premium, customisable virtual classes, single exercise videos, workouts templates, and training plans.

Together with the app, GoodLife Fitness member’s were able to effortless login, track their performance and activity progress, engage on their activity social wall, connect with their trainers, and seamlessly access class bookings, in-app payments, training plans, and day passes. 

Funxtion’s white label virtual classes were customised with GoodLife Fitness Canada branding, including their logo and colours, to support their goal of communicating a clear and consistent message to their members. Funxtion’s white label package provides a way for gyms to boost member loyalty, unlock digital potential, and amplify their brand.

The app also assisted with their staff processes. Funxtion enabled their trainers to develop personalised workouts and training plans specific to their clients needs using the Funxtion Workout Creator and Training Planner.

GoodLife Canda received access to business analytics tools and class schedule software via the Platform that helped them to improve business productivity and effectiveness. Funxtion then integrated their existing club management system, Exerp, into the Platform to provide a flexible, streamlined, and scalable option.

“I am proud that we can now support all GoodLife Members at home and anywhere or anytime they want to work out. I am excited for the value and experience we are going to be able to offer our Members. This partnership unlocks and enriches GoodLife’s digital potential and helps us to unlock a boutique-style experience that is so in demand.”

Sander van der Born, CTMO

Funxtion continues to support GoodLife Canada across customer touch points and digital channels with the Platform, branded member app and regularly-updated digital fitness content.

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