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Funxtion’s digital fitness content enhances the experience of 1.5 million PureGym members

PureGym is an industry leader focussed on helping their communities lead healthier lives and is the largest gym business in the UK, with over 1.5 million members.

The omnichannel member experience


  • PureGym integrates its app with the Funxtion Platform and digital fitness content to deliver tailored omnichannel member experiences.
  • Funxtion’s Platform houses a robust library of white label virtual classes, pre-made workouts and training plan templates, as well as content customization tools, including the Workout Creator and Training Planner
  • PureGym’s app now enables their staff and 1.5 million members to access, tailor, and manage digital fitness content 24/7, leading to a more personalised, flexible, and engaging experience

Project background: PureGym x Funxtion

PureGym is an industry leader focused on helping their communities lead healthier lives and is the largest gym business in the UK, with over 1.5 million members. PureGym already had a member app but recognised the value digital content would play in keeping their members motivated and engaged with their brand long-term, and reached out to Funxtion for support.

“This new integration is an important step in our digital development…Funxtion’s exercise tutorials are a fantastic feature which provides our members with specialist support 24 hours a day, helping to ensure they train effectively and safely, even when they are not under the supervision of our gym floor trainers”.

Lucia Weston, Head of Business Development at PureGym


  • Internally designing, producing, storing, and delivering high-quality, customized digital fitness content requires a lot of time, expertise and operational changes
  • Producing premium digital fitness content is expensive
  • Sourcing qualified trainers who are capable of delivering high-level digital fitness experiences can be difficult.

Results: What problem did we solve with Funxtion’s Open Platform?

1. Less time producing content, more time engaging members

PureGym integrated its Member app with Funxtion’s content Open Platform, providing staff and members with a vast library of high-quality virtual classes, digital workout circuits, single exercises, and training plans to their staff and members. PureGym opted for Funxtion’s white label package to customize the virtual classes with their unique branding and help maintain visibility with their members. 

2. Customizable digital fitness content tools

PureGym leveraged Funxtion’s Workout Creator and Training Planner customisation tools which are Platform features that allow their staff to tailor content at scale, based on their members preferences.

The tool comes with pre-made workouts and training plan templates that enable members, fitness instructors and personal trainers to create bespoke, multi-week progressive programmes using Funxtion’s single exercise video.

3. Cost-effective and scalable solution

The Workout Creator and Training Planner also benefits operators by eliminating the need for paper-based systems, saving money, time and improving hygiene practices – an important factor during the pandemic.

The PureGym app now enables its staff and 1.5 million member base to access, tailor, and manage their fitness experience in the gym, at home and on the go. 

“Funxtion has been a great choice of digital partner based on the quality of provision, ease of integration, and shared vision on future innovation. I am confident that working together will enable us to continue to deliver an industry-leading product that enhances the experience of all our members,” concludes Weston.

Funxtion’s Platform and customisable digital fitness content continue to support PureGym in their digital and member engagement strategy. 

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