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Bryan O’Rourke and Ernst de Neef on fitness technology innovation

FitC - Podcast
Industry experts Bryan O’Rourke and Ernst de Neef discuss the importance of personalised digital fitness content.

Ernst de Neef (Co-Founder and CEO at Funxtion) joined Bryan O’Rourke for Episode 136 of the Fitness + Technology Podcast.

Host, Bryan O’Rourke, is the President of the non-profit Fitness Industry Technology Council, driving innovation and collaboration in the fitness space, and is a leading expert on technology, consumer and business trends in the fitness industry.

“Content is where the value is. When you look at it from a consumer perspective you’ll find that what members want is content.”

Ernst de Neef, Co-Founder and CEO at Funxtion

In this episode, Bryan and Ernst discuss what members want and what gym operators need. They also touch on the power of digital fitness content, what’s currently leading fitness technology innovation, and what fitness industry trends they predict will happen over the next 5 years. Listen now:

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Danny Woods joins Funxtion

Danny Woods joins Funxtion

Well-renowned fitness industry professional is the new Head of Customer Success at Funxtion.

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Good news for the fitness industry

What can gym operators do to put their gym back at the centre of their member fitness journey? Funxtion CEO, Ernst de Neef shares his expert advise for positive change.

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Timing is everything

Timing isn’t everything but it certainly can determine whether your company sinks or swims. All businesses must constantly evolve to stay up-to-date with their consumers.

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Go digital or bust

To digitise or not to digitise is no longer the question. A successful digital transformation will, for many gyms, be the difference between success and failure in this coming era.