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Good news for the fitness industry

Ernst de Neef Funxtion
What can gym operators do to put their gym back at the centre of their member fitness journey? Funxtion CEO, Ernst de Neef shares his expert advise for positive change.

In just over two years, the fitness industry experienced major disruptions to gyms, a boom in at-home fitness and the return of in-person workouts.

The customer journey has changed forever, but the future is looking bright for gyms.

What do members want in 2022?

Members are increasingly interested in optimising their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Exercisers are seeking support from multiple sources, as seen by the rise in wearable tech and increased engagement in online services.  Consumer behaviour indicates that regular, personalised, and seamless delivery of content is the future of fitness.

And this shift offers a unique opportunity for operators.

Omnichannnel fitness products

Gyms are in the superior position of being able to bridge the gap between physical and digital.

Delivering a holistic, omnichannel approach unlocks the potential for gyms to provide the much sought-after 360-degree service that members cannot access anywhere else (and something at-home and online-only competitors cannot match).

But building an in-house product that aggregates, personalises, and delivers a wide variety of content across multiple member touchpoints requires a lot of time, resources and industry expertise.

Digital member engagement tools

Over the past two years, Funxtion has shifted focus on developing an intelligent software Platform that puts the gym back at the centre of the member’s fitness journey.

Unlike Apple’s iCloud, our open Platform will enable our customers to share, analyse and provide their own content, third-party-owned content, and/or Funxtion’s diverse library of digital fitness content.

Providing tailored content at scale will be made easy with personalisation tools and access to user data gathered from multiple sources.

Operators will have the opportunity to package content, assign it to different membership models, and develop new revenue streams. This content can then be easily delivered to every member touchpoint using seamless integration technology.

Our Platform with customisable content features and omnichannel delivery solutions will empower operators to effectively reach and engage members, monetise their digital fitness content, and re-establish the gym as the beating heart of the member fitness experience.


This article was featured in the Online July issue of Health Club Management (HCM).

Funxtion x Benefit system partnership

Funxtion partners with Zdrofit – a brand of Benefit Systems S.A.

Funxtion teams up with Benefit Systems to revolutionize its digital fitness experience. This collaboration signals an industry step-change in how gym operators embrace fitness technology, positioning Zdrofit fitness clubs at the forefront of digital innovation.