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The secret to scaling your fitness content for maximum growth

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Do you choose in-house or outsourced digital fitness content? Here we explain how to make the best decision.

What is scalable digital fitness content?

In this article, we will guide you on reducing costs and increasing the personalization and scalability of your digital fitness content using simple customization and management tools. Interested in amplifying the impact of your fitness content? Continue reading.

In 2023, having a digital fitness product or service is not enough for multi-site gym chains to flourish. Sharing meaningful, high-quality, regularly published fitness content provides a consistent and engaging online presence that separates successful gym chains.

Scalable fitness content helps you reach more members and leads without multiplying your investment proportionally. Once your piece of content is created, you can modify it, reposition it, repurpose it for multiple markets and use different channels to promote it. 

Tips for scaling your fitness content

How do you take your fitness content and expand it to reach an even broader member audience? And, most importantly, how can you do that without multiplying your investment of time and money?

1. Compare in-house vs outsourced content

In today’s fiercely competitive market, gyms cannot underestimate the importance quality content has on the scalability of their business. 

To get high-quality content, you need to work with talented creatives who understand your business and vision and who can translate that into compelling digital fitness content time and time again. You can hire a team of full-time in-house video producers or outsource to specialized fitness content providers. 

While in-house content is a great way to put a spotlight on your own trainers and branding, outsourcing your gym chain’s fitness content production provides more room for scalability and return on investment.

In-house content requires trained staff, studio location, music rights and training development, while outsourced digital content doesn’t require production and maintenance costs. The time factor is also relevant as pre-production, filming, and post-production take time.

2. Quality fitness content drives growth

Outsourcing digital fitness content saves precious time and allows you to automate processes, repurpose content, and deliver high-quality content immediately. Moreover, if the platform is customisable, you can easily offer different types of packages. This will translate into higher revenue on investment (ROI).

Quality comes with innovation, as they are two crucial factors for decision-making. While providing digital fitness content is always a good tactic, you need to consider the quality of this key offering. You need specialized staff, video editing, art direction, and sound mixing for high-quality content. It is expensive to achieve this level of quality with in-house content.

On top of that, innovation comes as the final factor. It is difficult to keep up with the latest trends in fitness and technology. With an outsourced digital fitness content platform, you can choose a provider with top-notch technology and best-in-class content quality.

What is the best scalable digital fitness content platform?

Digital fitness content is vital to member engagement, but equally crucial is how your content is tailored and delivered to different audiences across multiple markets. You should go for premium digital fitness content and a platform that fully integrates and scale your in-house or third-party content providers in one single platform.

If you choose a platform that fully integrates your in-house or third-party content, you will be able to adapt to the different needs of your customers. This is key when it comes to fostering member engagement and loyalty. Here we listed a few benefits of using the Funxtion open platform.

1. White-label fitness content increases loyalty

Funxtion’s Platform houses over 500 white-label virtual classes, thousands of single exercise videos, and digital workouts and training plans, with more uploaded every month. Gym chains can display their branding and immediately sell Funxtion’s premium content as their own without significant investment in production time and resources. 

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Of course, every gym chain has different goals and may wish to use its own in-house or third-party content. Funxtion’s content management platform offers this flexibility and enables gym operators to upload their own or third-party content and benefit from both in-house and outsourced media.

2. Easily customize your member experiences at scale

Funxtion’s Platform includes a Workout Creator and Training Planner that enables operators to custom create, modify, reposition, and repurpose in-house or outsourced content to accommodate the numerous and varying member and business needs.

3. Manage the distribution of your fitness content across multiple markets

Funxtion’s Platform can integrate with your gym’s different channels and devices such as your member app so you can quickly and easily promote and sell your content directly to your members. 

Using the in-built management system, operators can also package,  distribute and sell different content to selected membership categories, like your premium member groups. 


Fitness content is an essential tool for modern gym chains that want to engage and retain their members long-term,  but it cannot do this alone.

By combining high-quality digital fitness content with the right management and distribution tools, you can maximize the scalability and impact it has on your gym business. 

Whether you’re outsourcing or creating your own in-house content, a digital fitness content management platform is worth investing in.

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Funxtion is the world’s most intelligent digital fitness content platform. It allows operators to quickly launch world-class branded digital fitness content with the right personalization tools and delivery in place for maximum member retention and profit. So far, Funxtion has supported leading gym in increasing their group class member attendance by 220%. 

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