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Key metrics to improve overall member satisfaction in your gym

Learn how key performance indicators can help you enhance the member experience.

No more surveys. Use Key Performance Indicators

How to place members at the center of the customer journey is a crucial question for the fitness industry. However, gym operators often find advice that leads them to conduct time-consuming survey questions or develop scoring systems that don’t represent the member experience.

Do these surveys help you enhance the member experience? For sure, surveys such as the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) or the repurchasing intentions (RPI) are useful. Still, they are not enough in the fitness, wellness and sports industry as each person has a particular health need and fitness plan.

You need data to build tailor-made training programs–and you need to collect it actively. That’s why the best expert advice is to use a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you gain insights from your customers’ behavior without asking your member to complete long questionnaires.   

Let’s explore in detail what KPIs we are talking about.

What are gym KPIs?

KPIs are metrics used to evaluate the performance and success of fitness-related activities, programs or operations. Most of the time, you can automatically collect these metrics from your digital devices, apps or smart equipment– always following the data protection policies enabled by your digital fitness software provider and upon agreement with your customers. 

The right KPIs can help uncover customer behavior, preferences and trends to optimize your operations like never before. In addition, you can identify key information, such as popular classes, preferred times and peak usage times. 

But that’s not all. By closely monitoring other business KPIs like revenue, attendance and customer retention rates, you can easily identify both areas of success and improvement. 

Here are a few business-related questions that KPIs can help you with: 

  • Where should we open new club locations?
  • Which of my facilities isn’t very popular?
  • How can I increase engagement in this facility?
  • Why is this type of content more relevant for this club?

KPIs are part of a data-driven and customer-centric approach. With strong KPIs, gyms can gain a competitive advantage in the fitness industry while providing an exceptional member experience. 

What are the best KPIs?

The best metrics will vary from gym to gym; however, a few combined metrics can help you increase member retention and attendance while keeping your gym members happy.

#1. Track member engagement in the gym

Measuring attendance is more than just a way to keep track of how many members are coming to your gym. It’s a KPI to help you make informed decisions about your gym facilities and services to maximize engagement and member satisfaction at your facility.

By analyzing member attendance data, you can identify the most popular gym facilities and services and allocate resources accordingly.

funxtion fitness content platform

In addition, attendance data can also help you understand member behavior patterns, adjust your staffing and equipment availability, and even create targeted marketing campaigns and promotions to attract more members during slow periods. 

If you are using an Open Platform with a comprehensive dashboard, you should be able to use the club filter, which will offer all the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

With information on search terms and the number of members visiting each club, you can identify popular locations and understand member preferences by location. This data can even help you decide whether to open another club nearby or close to a less popular location.

#2. Understand members’ local fitness preferences

On top of using an Open Platform that offers you the option to filter by club is equally important to uncover the connection between class popularity and location.

By filtering the data by club name or class name, you can uncover which classes are hits in specific locations and which are flops. This is especially handy if you’re paying for licensed fitness content and want to optimize your investment.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can tailor your marketing campaigns and allocate resources more effectively. 

 #3. Compare fitness content providers

It’s crucial to know which types of workouts are popular and which classes are being visited the most. Are your members gravitating towards fitness classes you’ve created in-house or those from an outsourced content provider? And if you’re using multiple partners to generate content, whose classes generate the most interest?

If you’re using an Open Platform to deliver digital fitness content packages, you can easily get all these insights and monitor performance monthly, quarterly and yearly. These insights can be used to make informed decisions about your partnerships and whether a white-label solution that shows your branding could better impact your users. Or perhaps the content from a specific partner is more appealing to your members, and you should consider offering more of their classes.

By understanding which classes are used the most, you can optimize your class schedules, allocate resources accordingly and tailor marketing campaigns to promote the fitness classes your members love.

For example, with Funxtion’s content platform, you can easily make tailor-made fitness content while tracking and analyzing this information. The goal is to make data-driven decisions that benefit your business and your members.



You no longer have to base your decisions on gut feeling. As we shared in this article, you can use tactics for spotting relevant gym KPIs. We emphasized how to analyze data to identify trends and make informed decisions to keep your members engaged and coming back for more.

Beware that you need to use a comprehensive dashboard. Thus, you can optimize your schedules, allocate resources effectively and tailor your marketing campaigns to promote the most popular classes. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your gym into a data-driven powerhouse!

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