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Bryan O’Rourke and Ernst de Neef on fitness innovation

Funxtion, fitness innovation and gym trends for gym operators
Industry experts Bryan O’Rourke and Ernst de Neef discuss the importance of fitness innovation for member engagement and retention.

Fitness Industry Technology Council meets Funxtion

Ernst de Neef , CEO at Funxtion, joined Bryan O’Rourke for Episode 136 of the Fitness + Technology Podcast.

Host, Bryan O’Rourke, is the President of the non-profit Fitness Industry Technology Council, driving innovation and collaboration in the fitness space, and is a leading expert on technology, consumer and business trends in the fitness industry.

“Content is where the value is. When you look at it from a consumer perspective you’ll find that what members want is content.”

Ernst de Neef, CEO at Funxtion

Leaders in the fitness industry

In this episode, Bryan and Ernst discuss what members and gym operators need.

They also touch on the power of digital fitness content, what’s currently leading fitness technology innovation and what fitness industry trends they predict will happen over the next 5 years.

Click on the video below and listen to new perspectives.

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Funxtion x Benefit system partnership

Funxtion partners with Zdrofit – a brand of Benefit Systems S.A.

Funxtion teams up with Benefit Systems to revolutionize its digital fitness experience. This collaboration signals an industry step-change in how gym operators embrace fitness technology, positioning Zdrofit fitness clubs at the forefront of digital innovation.