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Ways a fitness content platform can boost member retention for your gym

ways a digital fitness content platform help member retention
How do you increase member retention in the gym with a fitness content platform? Learn about digital fitness content platforms for membership churn.

In this article, we explain how a digital fitness content platform can help multi-site gym operators to engage and retain their members at scale. Figure out how to implement a delivery platform into your business and the benefits it will bring to your fitness and health club. Continue reading for more. 

What is a fitness content platform?

A digital fitness platform is a cloud-based solution in the form of mobile app, 360-degree member management systems or on-demand content distribution platform. They offer benefits to businesses and end-users, in this case, gym operators and gym members. 

While digital fitness platforms allow businesses to host live or on-demand fitness classes, they can also include a space to see interesting links to articles and even online shops. The scope of your platform and the scale of its impact on your business will change based on your service provider. 

What do your customers demand from your gym?

People no longer consider fitness an activity that’s only done on the gym floor. According to the annual report on the digital maturity of the fitness and leisure sector (UK Active), consumer demand for hybrid solutions exploded during the pandemic. It proved to stay post-pandemic with many people getting in-home gym equipment and more functional training on the go.

Operators offering a hybrid variety of services to meet members’ expectations and needs are the top choices for this segment of people who like hybrid training approaches. 

This is why using a digital content platform or not became a crucial question for gym operators. 

Improve satisfaction for more gym members

Member retention is largely influenced by a combination of satisfaction levels, expectations, and well-being.  Ask yourself what millennials and Gen Z expect from your gym to over-deliver and defy their expectations across a number of variables, from fitness to mental health. But it can be difficult for multi-site gym operators to address their individual wants and needs and calculate an accurate return over investment. 

Luckily,  a digital fitness platform can be one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and scalable ways to diversify your offering in and outside the gym while making data-driven decisions. 

However, you should know that not all digital fitness platforms are created equal. Choosing the right one that meets your business needs and member demands requires the right content, management software, and integration technology.

How to choose the right fitness content platform?

The best option is always to choose a platform that allows you to integrate as many features as possible. Here is a quick checklist of things you should look at when choosing one: 

  • Personalized virtual classes and on-demand videos. With the right platform, you can even offer tailor-made workouts and training plans for your members. It’s all about how your content delivers and uses data to benefit your members. 
  • Whitelabel member app and virtual classes. You want to stay 100% on brand with your logo and colors, so get a content platform where you can showcase your gym presence 24/7.
  • Full content integration with third-party and/or your own gym member management system. Instead of relying on one single provider, you can use their infrastructure to adjust them to your own needs. 
  • Extensive content library. You want your members to have a wide range of choices to motivate them to train and achieve their fitness goals.

Do you want to know how each checklist point benefits your gym? Let’s dive in a bit further.

Up your game with in-app fitness content

One way to engage your members is via a member app. As you know, most member apps are only used for QR code check-ins and class bookings but miss out on mobile digital fitness content’s power on member retention

Delivering fitness content and services outside your gym can solve your most significant hurdles to member retention. So make sure you choose a platform that can integrate with any gym member app. This way you can deliver content directly to your members when they need it.

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Grow member loyalty with personalized fitness content

If you were wondering why you need personalized content, then remember that in 2023 members expect training offers that are meaningful and valuable. This translates into personalized content that will keep your member engaged on the gym floor, at home, or on the go.

“Now that people are returning to the gym and Corona safety measures are met, operators need to think on how to future-proof their business.”

Ernst de Neef, CEO at Funxtion

Offering personalized fitness content in the gym and on the go is a scalable way to enhance your customer experience. 

It’s not about replacing the in-club visits, but to allow for more flexibility to your customers and also expand your range of influence beyond the four walls of your gym. This way, you keep your customers engaged and motivated to reach their fitness goals both on the gym floor and on their own place. 

During the last year of the pandemic, McKinsey & Company report 2021 showed that gyms that don’t offer personalisation are at risk of losing over 70% of their members while companies that excel at personalisation generate 40% more revenue than those that don’t.  Why would you miss the chance to scale up your gym? 


Tailor your content with customisable workouts and training plans

Some digital fitness content platforms have a Workout Creator and Training Planner enabling businesses across multiple facilities to customize individual or group workouts and training programs. They use the power of data to understand your customer’s needs and offer tailor-made plans. 

This way your staff can design unlimited compelling fitness experiences to meet different member interests and goals, from stretch and recovery sessions to traditional 12-week strength programs, audio-guided meditation challenges, and boutique-style HIIT experiences.

More importantly, your trainer can repurpose the workouts they create and distribute them efficiently to your gym members. 

Stay top of mind with an extensive library of whitelabel virtual classes

When your members think of exercising, you want them to think of you first and directly associate their fitness success with your gym – not with another brand. Branded digital fitness content is a great way to promote your gym and connect your brand with your members, but the time, expertise and cost of producing your own can be too much for most operators.

In fact, producing high-quality, ready-made and tested  whitelabel virtual classes is a challenge. Find a platform that offers your at least covers a variety of disciplines to target the full gamut of your gym member preferences. 

It’s important that you partner with a platform that allows you to share and sell the content as your own, so your members can start using it immediately. 

Solve gym membership churn and save costs 

Gym member attrition seriously threatens the viability of long-term financial health. To fit into your members’ portfolio of fitness habits, gyms normally plan for customizable hybrid and omnichannel services.

With the average cost of one video production per minute ranging between $1000 and $10000 and the cost of developing and managing a software platform running in the potential millions, gyms should consider ways to partner with providers of complimentary services.

Here to help

Funxtion is the world’s most intelligent digital fitness content platform. It allows operators to quickly launch world-class branded digital fitness content with the right personalisation tools and delivery in place for maximum member retention and profit. So far, Funxtion has supported leading gym increase their group class member attendance by 220%. 

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Erwin Korst joins Funxtion

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Danny Woods joins Funxtion

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