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About Funxtion


Funxtion is an open-source digital fitness content SaaS platform company. 

The Funxtion Platform offers white-labelled digital fitness content and content customisation tools that help gym operators to offer a personalised member experience.

Funxtion also has a white label member app and in-gym delivery devices: The Virtual Player and MultiScreen Solution that enables operators to provide an omnichannel member experience.


The Funxtion Platform allows operators to choose what content and what delivery devices they want to work with.

Funxtion clients can opt to use only Funxtion content and delivery devices, upload external content and integrate external devices, or utilise both.


Content customisation


Funxtion virtual classes can be white labelled to display your company logo and colours. You can opt to use non-white labelled Funxtion content.

To receive examples of Funxtion’s white-labelled content or to view your company branding in the content, schedule a call

You can upload your own virtual classes and single digital exercise videos to the Platform. If you’d like to know more about the compatible format types, please contact us.



The Funxtion Platform has over 500 virtual classes, with more uploaded every month.

Funxtion currently offers the following virtual class types:

HIIT, Booty, Core, Strength (Kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, weight plate, booty band), Yoga, Pilates, Yoga-Pilates fusion, Cycling, Boxing, Aerobics, Meditation, Stretch, and Mobility.

Funxtion has also partnered with Cycle Masters, the best premium digital indoor cycling classes.

The Funxtion virtual classes range in duration, from 7 minutes to 45 minutes.

The Funxtion Platform has 50 English-speaking audio workouts. The audio virtual classes range from meditation to running and HIIT and vary in duration from 5 – 25 minutes.

Funxtion’s single digital video exercises are available in 9 languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Russian.

The Funxtion Platform has over 2300 single digital exercise videos.

The exercise videos digitally demonstrate a variety of movements, from body weight (e.g. push-ups, squats, sit-ups, burpees) to free weight (e.g. kettlebell swing, dumbbell press, medicine ball squat), machine (e.g. treadmill, cross trainer, rower) and other (e.g. BOSU ball, boxing, TRX). 

Funxtion content can be white-labelled to display your company branding.

The Funxtion Platform has content customisation tools, including the Workout Creator and Training Planner.

The Workout Creator allows you to create a variety of workout types like circuit workouts, super sets, AMRAPs, and EMOMs using Funxtion or externally provided single exercise videos.

The Training Planner allows gym operators to offer a digital version of the traditional paper training plan.

The Training Planner tool enables your staff to design digital training programmes using Funxtion or externally uploaded virtual classes, workouts and single exercises.

You can create single training plans or design programmes that span several weeks.

Funxtion uploads new virtual classes to the Platform every month. 

Delivery customisation


Yes, Funxtion’s MultiScreen Solution and Virtual Player control panels and screen savers can be white-labelled to feature your company logo and colours. 

Yes, you can integrate your member app, member management systems and other external delivery devices to the Funxtion Platform. 

Yes, you can benefit from integrating the Funxtion Platform with digital fitness content and customisation tools with your company’s devices, such as your own member app or web player.

Yes. The Funxtion Platform is an open-source SaaS platform that allows you to upload, customise and share your own content. 

Yes. You can access Funxtion content when you integrate your app with the Funxtion Platform. 

Yes. You can integrate your delivery devices with the Funxtion Platform which then enables you to share Funxtion content via the delivery devices of your choice.

Yes. Funxtion enables you to upload external content to the Platform which you can then distribute via the delivery devices of your choice.

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