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Funxtion partners with Zdrofit – a brand of Benefit Systems S.A.

Funxtion x Benefit system partnership
Funxtion teams up with Benefit Systems to revolutionize its digital fitness experience. This collaboration signals an industry step-change in how gym operators embrace fitness technology, positioning Zdrofit fitness clubs at the forefront of digital innovation.

Known for their inspiring in-gym experiences, Benefit Systems will now offer to people who train in the clubs of one of its fitness chains – Zdrofit, a state-of-the-art digital platform by integrating Funxtion’s sophisticated digital fitness SDK (Software Development Kit) into their current mobile application. This move not only redefines the user experience but sets a new standard for customer engagement within the industry.

Magdalena Szwed, Deputy Director of Products at Benefit Systems Fitness Unit says the following:

“We are the leader in the Polish fitness club market, having over 220 facilities. This obliges us to provide our clients with high-class solutions supporting training. That is why we have decided to test modern digital solutions by Funxtion to offer exercisers up-to-date and valuable knowledge that facilitates regular physical activity.”

The Challenge

Facing the challenge of providing a standardized yet customizable digital fitness experience, Benefit Systems needed a solution that could be rapidly deployed across their existing mobile ecosystems. They required a platform that ensured new and existing members could receive personalized training plans and content, all presented in a manner consistent with the Zdrofit brand and the quality of in-person experiences.

The Solution

Leveraging Funxtion’s SDK, Benefit Systems’ mobile app is set to include a suite of digital training tools along with a fresh member onboarding blueprint. The personalized nature of the platform actively supports members from their very first gym visit through ongoing tailored digital content, relating to individual health and fitness goals.

Danny Woods, Chief Commercial Officer at Funxtion says the following:

“The vision for this partnership was clear — creating an experience that boosts member engagement and encourages visit frequency. Benefit Systems is the perfect partner due to their pledge to innovation and commitment to enhancing the member experience.”

Members will be able to interact with a variety of resources including specialist articles, tutorials, and vibrant how-to videos, all specific to their unique fitness profiles and objectives. In essence, the digital offerings augment the physical fitness experience, fostering visit frequency and more productive workouts, leading to greater member retention.

What is an SDK?

An SDK is a collection of software tools and programs that developers can use to create applications for specific platforms. Funxtion’s digital fitness SDK allows quick, standardized integration of intricate functionalities into existing applications, significantly optimizing development time and reducing costs. The SDK is customized and presented in the Benefit Systems brand – keeping them top of mind for fitness consumers.

KPI’s and Future Direction

The first rollout phase targets notable member engagement with the digital training offerings. With future phases ambitiously looking to expand usage among all gym-goers and achieve high satisfaction ratings. The next steps for the SDK include the introduction of diverse content formats to further enrich member education and engagement.

About Funxtion

Funxtion is the leading B2B digital fitness content platform that helps global health & fitness operators achieve high records of member retention since 2011. Funxtion works with many of the world’s largest health & fitness brands including GoodLife Fitness, Fitness First Germany and Fitness & Lifestyle Group.

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About Benefit Systems

Benefit Systems has been operating in the Polish market for over two decades and is one of the leaders in providing non-financial benefits that support employee well-being. The company is the creator of the programme, which enables physical activity in sports facilities throughout the country. Its portfolio also includes the cafeteria platform and the wellbeing programme. The Benefit Systems Group also operates fitness clubs in four European markets. Benefit Systems has been part of the global B Corp initiative. For more information, please visit the official website

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